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Celebrate the spirit of technological advancement with iPad Air. This device is packed with such valuable features that you will get addicted to it. Browse through our website at iPad Air Deals because here you will find the best deals for enjoying the iPad Air.

New Design
If you have used Apple tablets previously then you are in for a surprise because iPad Air is different.
It is the slimmest tablet in the Apple range and weighs 469gms. Of course, when you take iPad Air in your hand, you feel as if you were holding a colourful and interactive notepad.

A7 Chip
Apple has always managed to bewilder its users with its devices run by the superb A7 chip. This time the chip has outsmarted itself. As such, you will experience faster downloads, quicker loading of applications and their seamless working.

If you are a game buff, then this device is your best companion. The chip is capable of smoothly playing many of the latest complex games.

9.7- inch Retina Display
Display of iPad Air is impressive because of Apple’s unique retina display. At 9.7 inches, the screen offers images at their best. Hold iPad Air in one hand and capture life’s every moment with its camera.
Once you have this device and seen its output, you will hardly regret not possessing a professional camera. The text appears easy on the eyes and thus, transforms reading sessions into a delightful experience.

Advanced Wireless
The internet becomes faster and much more accessible when you have iPad Air in hand. In a matter of seconds, the device will connect you to the web and you are ready to surf and download information at a superfast speed. By using FaceTime (a pre-installed app), you can also perform video calling.

Powerful Apps
Apple iPad comes heavily loaded with apps. Some of the most useful ones include Mail, FaceTime, Music, Calendar, Camera, Notes and Photos.
Therefore, with this device, you can right away start mailing, calling your loved ones, listening to music, taking pictures and staying in tune with your schedule. You may download many other apps from Apple Store and make your life easier.

iPad Air & iOS7
The combination of iPad Air and iOS7 works wonders. Although Apple has used iOS7 in its previous devices as well, its experience on Air is different.
Give the device several tasks and it will pass the test with flying colours. Moreover, the beautiful interface of the device is praiseworthy.

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